Colour Coding & Storage System

Optimize service life and reduce maintenance costs by ensuring even wear and use of all the handpieces in your practice.



The Handpiece Closet has been manufactured to look clean, sleek and attractive. Designed to be secured in a convenient location of each room for staff to replace handpieces from sterilization and doctors to retrieve for use.


organization-systemThe Handpiece Closet is an organizational system designed to accurately guarantee even rotation in use of every handpiece in your office, reducing repetitive handpiece repair.

High speed handpieces have an average cost of approximately $1,000 per. Since the implementation of sterilization, handpiece repairs have greatly increased.

A system like The Handpiece Closet will prove to decrease handpiece repair dramatically, saving your office thousands of dollars during years of practice.


How The Handpiece Closet system works in favour of a dental office:

  • Reduces handpiece purchase and repairs, saving the office thousands of dollars.
  • Allows each office to recognize if they do not have enough handpieces.
  • Keeps an exact track on inventory (how often does a handpiece go missing?).
  • Allows the same and in most cases, better accessibility to your handpieces.
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